Mens Gallery Hobart Consent

Use of the Bondage Room

The Mens Gallery Hobart, offer a unique experience in Bondage and flagellation and spanking performed by beautiful girls in intimate surroundings. I wish to partake in the experience.

I consent to being whipped and spanked and in other ways being struck by implements or in other ways.

I acknowledge the use of the Bondage Room by me carries with it the risk of personal injury from the unintended striking of me on parts of my body other than my torso or legs or by the application of unintended force. I consent to the risk of injury and potentially serious and debilitating injury which may occur.

I agree the proprietors and contractors of the Mens Gallery may rely on this consent by me to the infliction of physical injury and risk of harm as a defence to any proceedings brought against them by me or any person or statutory body and this consent is a bar to any claims by me howsoever arising.

I agree this consent and release binds me, my heirs, successors and assigns.

I acknowledge I have read this consent and wish to partake in the use of the bandage room.

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